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2018 in preview

I miss writing here; alot. I technically wrote twice as much here in 2017 than in 2016 (and up to No. 200) but it was still less than once a month; it became hard at some point. I used to be able to blame my work for MathJax because I was (at times) writing a lot for the project; I don't have that particular excuse anymore.

A simplistic drawing of a person embracing a large furry, horned creature with caption 'I care about this ALOT'
From The Alot is Better Than You at Everything by Allie Brosh, cc-by-nd.

I've never been one for looking back at the end of a year. But since the last year was complex (and this one is set up to be equally so) I thought maybe I should motivate myself by looking ahead to the things I want to write about this year (including things in my actual schedule for 2018).

Ok, maybe stop here; it's a lot already.