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Elusive semantics

I don’t like “semantics zealots”, people who claim that content always can (let alone always must) be “fully semantic” (for whatever value of “semantic” they favor). In the same vein, I also don’t like the thinking that any format can fully separate semantics and presentation - human thought is to fickle a beast to tolerate such confinement. You may blame my old training as a set theorist, but the gray area of neither true nor false is much more important to me.

Carnival of Math No. 146

This month I have the pleasure to host the 146th Carnival of Mathematics, the moveable feast of mathematical blogging shepherded by the best math blogging collective on the planet, The Aperiodical.

Privilege-based Open Source

(Another one from the drafts.) A while back I ranted on twitter about privilege-based open-source and Patrick Honner asked me what I meant with it.