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Web components for (mathematical) writing, continued

After sharing the first interesting problem I had run into, Sam and I spent a few more days working on this experiment. I had hoped to finish this write up before attending JMM 2024 but life was more important. In any case, time for an update.

A first look at MathJax v4

So here on the blog (and more relevantly at work) I've been rolling out MathJax v4 after it hit its third beta in July. MathJax v4 is chock full of fixes, features and even a tiny bit of finally-getting-rid-of-stuff. To close off the year, I thought I'd sum up my personal highlights.

Web components for (mathematical) writing, a first problem

So a while back - checks notes - ahem, 6 years ago Sam gifted me with some of his precious time to do a fun little experiment around writing mathematical long form using the web. With "using the web", I don't mean writing markdown or LaTeX (or whatever) and converting that to HTML. Instead, I had this weird idea that we could actually use the web platform - HTML, CSS, JS - to write content. Sounds crazy, right?