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Looking back at my tiny blogging challenge

At the end of last year, I tried to motivate myself to write more so I set myself a tiny blogging challenge: writeo one post each week for the remaining weeks of the year, don't spend more than for 30mins per post.

It didn't really work out but perhaps in a good way. Yes, I posted 7 out 8 weeks so that's close (still, Mike gets to name a charity of his choice). No, I most definitely did not spend just 30min per post (more like 1h, sometimes way more...). But those were means to an end which included a) try out something that gets me to write more regularly and b) make it interesting for my two readers, maybe add a third reader (crazy, I know!).

At the end of the year I was exhausted (so I had to take January off -- well, be kind enough to pretend I did that intentionally and not simply failed to write that one last post for week 8). In part this was due to me writing on a couple of other, work-related places. I suppose one could say the blogging challenge helped there; e.g., it motivated me to finish a couple of outstanding blog posts on But I think in reality it was the holidays and I had enough opportunity to write for a couple of hours (or sleep in to compensate).

As for the means, this exhaustion leaves me in doubt for the first one. Did I simply overdo it? Maybe I just need to pace myself better. We'll see (thanks to Asaf for bugging me to get back on the wagon).

As for the second one, I think that was a bit of a miss. At least in the sense that my posts seemed to cause a lot of confusion and irritation. Then again, that was somewhat intentional, I just wasn't happy with the kind of confusion, perhaps.

As for 2015, I will try to pace myself better. First target: finish that post from the original list of the tiny blogging challenge.