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#dotAstro FTW

[This is week 4 of the challenge. woohoo.]

Today I only have ~15 min. This week, I happen to be in Chicago for dotAstronomy 6. This might be odd since I'm not an astronomer (nowhere near in fact). It is actually an immense privilege, though, since I'm part of a small group of invited interdisciplinary participants (also including biologists, climate scientists and library scientists). So my perspective is that of an outsider and I hate to admit it: it's what I suspected all along.

That is, ever since running into the dotAstronomy website a few years ago, I have been a little envious. I kept thinking "This sounds incredibly fantastic. How could we do something like this for mathematics?" Until today I could at least pretend that it couldn't actually be as great as it appears. Because nothing is, right?

My two readers won't be surprised to hear it: I was wrong. dotAstro is every bit as exciting, enlightening, creative, and savvy as I had hoped. A fantastic group of scientists from all walks of scientific life, including "recovering" researchers who have been led to non-standard careers while retaining a deep, nay fierce enthusiasm for their field as well as for the untapped potential offered to scientific communities by the web. This first day has been a perfect mix, starting with excellent talks, switching to amazing lightning talks, followed by an exhausting-because-engaging unconference sessions, and finally some great conversation at the pub (including perfectly greasy US bar food).

Luckily, I don't have to bore you with my notes but can simply point you to the live-blogging of the first day by @vrooje. In case my notes go up in flames, I could probably reconstruct half of it from the Twitter hashtags of the unconference sessions I attended, i.e.,

Now I'm exhausted but excited for tomorrow's hack day.