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Tiny blogging challenge

This year hasn’t exactly been great in terms of my blogging. Because life. After the Red Workbook concept tapered off I barely managed 1 post per month.

Still, I miss writing. So I’m setting myself a tiny blogging challenge for the few weeks remaining in 2014.

  • write 1 post per week
  • and spend less than 30 minutes on a post

just one per week?

Yes. I don’t want to take on a 1-post-a-day challenge because, well, I’d simply fail. I’m no Cathy O’Neill. So most likely I’ll write these posts on the weekend or possibly late at night.

One post per week seems reasonable. It’s realistic, I’ve done it in the past yet it’s far from what I’m currently able to do.

30 minutes per post?

Not a lot, I admit, but the averaging napping time of certain person. Given that my usual writing includes a procrastination phase of 5-6 months I’m expecting a change in quality. I’m just hoping for an improvement, given that more writing regularly should mean more practice.

about what?

I thought it might be prudent to have a couple of topics ready so that when I sit down (not unlikely on a Sunday at 11:30pm to make the deadline) I have a last resort for a topic to babble about.

  • write a post about the blogging challenge (score!)
  • LaTeX The Phantom Menace
  • MathJax best practices: webfonts for text
  • LaTeX something something dark side
  • LaTeX the markdown for math
  • Why you should care about MathML
  • Why you shouldn’t care about MathML

Note that these are not actually related to drafts or even proper ideas. They are just ideas I jotted down over the past few weeks.


  • Asaf Karagila, 2014/11/03 I dare you to sit and just type for 30 minutes straight. Real words, although syntax and grammar matter less here. Bonus points if it ends up a new and short proof of the equiconsistency between an inner model with a measurable and the existence of precipitous ideals.
  • Micheal Pawliuk, 2014/11/04 I would be interested in doing this too! Care to make it a little challenge? Along the lines of “the first person to go a week without posting donates some amount to the charity of the other’s choice?” Or are you all “talk” and no “walk”. :)
    • Peter, 2014/11/09 Hm… I would take on that challenge but I hesitate because I remember being very restricted financially as a grad student. I don’t want to add to that.
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