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Carnival of Mathematics 111

The math blogosphere is a friendly and relaxed placed. But there is one rule, I believe, we should all abide by: when The Aperiodical calls, you answer.

And so I’m honored to join the un-secret society of Carnival of Mathematics hosts. Indeed, the list of former and future hosts over at The Aperiodical (who took over the organizational stress two years ago, stepping into the tremendously large footsteps of Mike Croucher of Walking Randomly), this list reads like a who-is-who of true math bloggers (the kind that cares for blogging as a community and art form). If you’re not on it, do yourself a favor and volunteer right now. I’ll wait. Honestly, I will. This post will still be here when you get back; I promise.

Step closer, dear friend. Excitement awaits!

In the time-honored tradition, let us remember that 111 has many marvellous properties. However, if I were forced to name a favorite, I could not decide between the fact that the smallest magic square containing 1 and otherwise prime numbers, has a magical constant of 111, as well as the simple beauty of being a palindromic number.

And so the Carnival comes to an end and we move on. As we must. Always.