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HEAR YE, HEAR YE! The Carnival of Math is in town

Gee, it's been quiet around here! Between MathJax release work and diaper wrangling, blogging has been neglected. Inconceivable?


The kind overlords of the math blogosphere to whom we are all but humble servants, yes, the one true and ever-so-periodical team at The Aperiodical have called upon yours truly to host a carnival. Not any carnival, but a blogging carnival of math.

So I invite to step into our tiny realm of mathblogging and help me host a grand show for all the world to see.

Bring me your posts, your rants, your poems.

Share idle idiosyncrasies, deranged derivations, cool calculations, and rash remarks.

Give it your best and your worst and your all. For the Carnival of Math is here and all creatures are welcome on its arena's floor.