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A quick test post -- Jetpack connect edition

You know how every blogger once in a while will have a test post that you find in your feed and then you click on it to learn more and it’s already deleted?

I find that frustrating. So let’s not do this. This is a test post to check out Jetpack connect and find a way to multishare to different social networks.


Alright, not too bad. Here’s what this was about. Jetpack offers autoposting to a bunch of social networks, including my two current active ones - twitter and Google+. In particular the Google+ connection is painfully difficult with free tools. But still, a large amount of people I want to share things with are there. However, I strongly believe in my website being my primary digital outlet. I don’t want to post content that will just be on Twitter or just on Google+. It is mine and should be shared from my website.

In addition, I have been thinking about how to write more frequently. One good piece of advise is to write less but more often. But I also find myself wanting to post different, more social content, e.g. a simple photo, share a link. One obvious tool is my phone and tablet. It has apps for all my networks as well my reading applications. A simple idea would be a multi-share app that would allow me to push shared content to all the apps I care about. Luckily, I couldn’t find a well working one long enough to remember Jetpack Connect. Luckily it works with the WordPress app, so I can author once wherever I am and share where I want to share.

Unfortunately, for all my three readers, this means I might start posting little pieces of crappy content. Bear with me and yell at me from time to time. Here’s to moar bloggings in 2014.