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Name 5 top journals you read...

The AMS is currently running a survey (I think it’s members only? But if you got an invite, make sure to take the time).

It has asked me the following question

Please list the top 5 journals that you read.

My answer was:

the arXiv is my only regular entry point. Search (MathSciNet, arXiv, Google Scholar etc) make my reading journal-agnostic and people-focused; this is especially true for non-mainstream subject areas.

I don’t think it matters that I’ve left research. On the one hand, the arXiv has always been my primary source (and things like Neil Hindman’s homepage) and MathSciNet was the perfect search tool (although it feels like Google Scholar could ruin them if they wanted). On the other hand, I’m part of a generation that won’t have to quit following mathematical research just because we’ve left research. We have the arXiv, we have researchers blogging, we have social media and they inform me much faster about interesting developments on all levels than a journal ever could.

But perhaps I’m just doin’ it wrong.


  • Asaf Karagila, 2013/07/18 I don’t think Google Scholar, whic is a great service can easily win over MathSciNet. The latter has the advantage of many mathematicians summarizing and reviewing papers. That’s something that is hard to replicate.
    • Peter, 2013/07/18 I wished I could agree with you. But that deserves another post.
      • Asaf Karagila, 2013/07/19 I can relate. I know how hard it can be to agree with me. 😉