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yay, I'm an editor at

Apparently, I totally forgot to announce this anywhere on my interwebz!

With its major code update three weeks ago, introduced an editorial system where editors can mark particular posts and leave a small note -- and I was invited to become one of the fancy new editors (and given my fellow editors methinks I'm the n00b). came out of (originally dubbed its "v2.0"). (For those who remember, Felix, Fred and I originally modeled after

In fact, is much more like in that it accepts every blog with (some) scientific content. So it was only natural to meet up with Dave Munger at Science Online 2012 (which was another one of those great #Scio12 conversations that just keep returning like a million boomerangs).

Now if you visited a few weeks ago, you may have found its database to be somewhat lacking in mathematical blogs. To remedy that, the kind people at accepted a list of ~30 of my favorite blogs I simply exported out of (did you know you can download our database as csv and opml?).

So I hope I'll be doing a decent job (and you probably won't be surprised if my picks for might also appear on our Weekly Picks. You can follow the Editors' Picks on and on twitter @sciseekeds. I usually post a pick every other day and on Fridays.