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The recent publishing debate -- the IMU's blog continues

My last post has seen quite a lot of visitors (my stats look miserable now that there was such a spike...). But hardly anybody left a comment (thanks to those who did -- much appreciated!). Did people find it irrelevant, not worth commenting on? Or did everybody just nod and pass on? I'm confused... (and yes, it's either or).

Anyway, in case you didn't see it: the IMU's "Blog On Journals" is continuing with its third post, by Peter Olver "Beyond Journals". The post is a bit odd, no links, not even to his piece in the Notices, which is odd since this post is more like a teaser for that piece (or else I didn't get the point -- perfectly possible).

In any case, I did get all excited -- they are serious about this "BLOG" thing! Not that I was too surprised. I actually received an email from a moderator for my own comment and I also had a nice exchange with another moderator, Nalini Joshi!, on google+ (unfortunately John Baez didn't post this publicly -- thanks to David Roberts for re-sharing it), describing some of the organisational and technical difficulties of the IMU blog. In other words, I have the impression that at least some of the people involved are taking this very seriously and are aware that there is a community on the web that could be built upon.

And then I started to write another long comment on Olver's post, titled "Not Beyond Journals, Beyond Papers!" (guess where it led me), and then I refrained from posting the comment on their blog and then I thought I should post it here and then I went back to leave a short comment but didn't because it felt like off-topic trolling. And then I realized that I'm doing the same thing I did last time. So what's the point??

There is so much to say! I think there are so many issues surrounding this debate that will change our community forever. We could come out of it fixing the causes (not just the symptoms) of some serious issues, we could also end up making decisions that will lead to the rapid decline of our community.

I'd love to discuss this more here, but it is a lot of work. My thoughts are still unrefined, in need of discussion. It would make it much easier with a bit of feedback. You know... what's it called again? ... ah yes, now I remember, peer review.