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A posting on wordpress-for-scientists

I just finished a long posting at the mailing list/google group Wordpress For Scientist. This was spawned by today's meeting with Sam and this week's trouble with the papercite plugin. We really need to find a different solution. So I'm hoping both for a discussion here at Booles' Rings as well as some help from the smart people on the mailing list.


I was hoping for some advice and discussion regarding citation related plugins.

Since this has gotten a little longer: I will first describe the problem and then add some questions.

Over at we have had some problems this week. At Booles' Rings we're experimenting with wordpress for academic homepages (of mathematicians). We're essentially trying to find out what is useful and/or necessary for an academic web presence via wordpress.

Obviously, citations are important for documenting our own work and writing about other people's work.

Since we're all mathematicians, there's the strong need for bibtex import which is why papercite is popular -- it makes the move from BibTeX to wordpress very easy. Unfortunately, papercite is very buggy and we would like to replace it.

We're faced with the question:

What do we need a citation plugin to do?

Practically speaking,

  1. bibtex import (but no dependence/sync)
    • We have to start somewhere and that's where most people (in mathematics) come from.
  2. personal IDs for shortcode use
    • we're human and we like to write ThatFamousPaper instead cryptic ids
      (I think mathematical writing is very different from scientific writing in this respect -- papers can be holy objects...)
  3. a GUI to look up/search for new citations
    • Sometimes, you barely remember the paper's title.
    • DOIs are cumbersome to look up anyway
    • Searching multiple sources (google scholar, mendeley, mathscinet, pubmed) would be nice while writing a post
    • Maybe even links-to-citation functionality when quoting online sources (blogs, mathoverflow etc)
  4. Reversibility
    • the citation in html (in a post) should include some form of metadata that can be processed automatically (pingbacks, aggregation, citation counts etc)

QUESTION 1: Do we have such a plugin?

1b) What plugins have which functionality?

QUESTION 2: How do we want citations to work?

Ok, this is in hopes for a discussion. My amateur thoughts.

Well, this has become more of a blog post... I guess I'll cross post it at

In any case, I hope I made a little bit of sense. Any help is greatly appreciated!