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About page for Booles' Rings

I just published a first draft of an about page for Booles’ Rings.

If you have any comments, please leave them here.


  • sam, 2011/08/08 Great work. You definitely summarized much of what I was thinking, and expressed some things in a way that I couldn’t have. I really like the emphasis that there is so much in the daily life of a mathematician, and our traditional public selves (papers and minimal homepage) only capture a small part. Some other things that we could mention (or not):
    • We of course still include publications, so that we can expand upon them for non-expert readers, and receive feedback much more quickly than the traditional process.
    • A bit more about the future. We of course have to discuss this a lot more, but some things we surely can agree on. For instance, we want to offer more social features, more instructional features, etc. To be continued!
    • Peter, 2011/08/10 Sam, thanks for your comment. I agree that “making more out of your publication” should be in there. Don’t know how to phrase it yet. I’d love more social features but it’s going to be difficult without tools to hack ;-)
  • Felix, 2011/08/11 Hi Peter! I am curious about joining Booles’ Rings. One thing I wouldn’t want to do without, however, is my own domain name. Will Booles’ Rings support custom domain names sometime in the future? Of course, supporting custom domains would entail a significant amount of work. So I understand if you do not want to go there just yet. As far as policy is concerned, I think custom domains would fit Booles’ Rings very well, though. If researchers are to “take charge of their online presence” then taking charge of their URL is a very important part of that. Also, custom domains fit the decentralized philosophy of Booles’ Rings, especially if you say “we will encourage each other to make use of the fact that we can leave and move our content to our own independent server for even greater independence”. But of course these policy decisions are not mine to make. In any case, I am curious to see how your experiment turns out! Good luck!
    • Peter, 2011/08/11 Felix, as I said in our conversation earlier today, we’ll have to discuss this. But if you don’t insist, I don’t want to do this in the comments. I’ll send an email.