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Saturday morning math blogs

Well, with up and running in beta I have been reading far too many math blogs (and I love it). This morning there was a lot of interesting stuff out there and I thought it might be interesting to mention some, especially those that I actually left a comment on. After all, that’s what makes blogging come alive and I don’t comment often enough.

researchblogging vs arxivblogging

Andrew Gelman (sorry for the error earlier) of Statistical Modelling posted what is essentially a short review of a paper. I was too lazy to check if the paper had been published, but I left a comment anyway (although now, a couple of hours later I can’t see it and I can’t remember if comments are creened or if I screwed up; oh well, I’ll risk a double post tomorrow). The post reminded me of one the things I miss in the mathematical blogosphere — using to spread word about reviews. I mean, go there and check the mathematics tag. It could really use more posts to give the almighty mathscinet neutrality machine some competition… (and yes, that includes myself and I already have an idea).

The question is if arXiv papers are “allowed” there since researchblogging is all about peer-reviewed papers. Of course, there was a discussion on mathoverflow on discussing arxiv papers and there actually seems to be a project for that called scirate unfortunately with little traffic, the last development blog entry from 2008 and little moderation. Oh well.

Pondering visitors

Lieven Le Bruyn of neverendingbooks discusses his recent prominence on reddit/math which led him to review how his readers find him. It’s an interesting read and made me write a short post for myself answering his fundamental questions at the end for mysel (which I’ll post some other time).

Writing experiments

Peter Rowlett of Travels in mathematics starts an experiment for writing more frequently. Great idea, he does a great job and makes me want to copy him. (but, boy, I had forgotten how complicated blogspot’s comment system is…)