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GAIN conference retrospectively conclusion

Well, this has been going on for too long… This final post should have concluded the mini-series weeks ago. Instead, it has prevented me from writing about anything else. So let me conclude with some late notes and my answers to the feedback questionnaire. I will not go back to the individual posts to refresh my memory, instead, I will write simply what I remember now which is probably more important since it will dominate my long time memory of the whole event (but I will use my notes for this post which sort of developed while writing the rest).

pros and cons

Let’s just quickly go through the pros and cons of the whole shebang. First and foremost, the biggest pro was certainly my extremely low expectations. And in a way I am more neutral about the positive aspects of the conference now. After all, it did reinforce the feeling that my field (pure mathematics in general) is quite generally an exotic subject and hence in danger of falling of the funding wagon in the long run. Nevertheless, here is a list of neutral pros.


Let’s hit the cons. I admit I am probably overly critical, but hey, it’s my post. Go and comment if you disagree!


So let’s turn to things that were good, but

not good enough

So that’s it. Enough now.

Auszug aus Feedback-Umfrage

Let me, to finally finish this series, disclose my answers to the feedback questionaire — albeit in German.