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Beautiful Prezi and more

There is a lot of catching up to do… Let’s get started.

As I mentioned Tim Gowers’s use of Prezi the other day a while ago, I found this incredible example of prezi today shortly thereafter but never got around posting it. In the mean time I stumbled upon more things worth (re)posting all over the intertubes.

As always, I’m amazed when somebody can explain probability to me — this time over at cosmic variance on normalizability. Also, I cannot not mention this years best optical illusion.

Slightly related, there has been an amazing experiment at the University of Texas, Austin, mentioned on 80beats. Fortunately, just because real Brownian Motion becomes predictable the mathematical notion remains the same — but I wonder if this will lead to confusion in the far future…

Last but not least, bioephemera lead me to Dan Meyer’s TED talk, which is cool and insightful.

The slightly worrying thing is that the best place to find good mathematics blogging (at least the science journalism kind) is on non-mathematical blogs…