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Young Set Theorists Network starting

The Young set theorist network [Wayback Machine] has been opened to the public! Although I have yet to make it to a Young Set Theorist Meeting (I always failed for some technical reasons) I feel it is important to get involved in the network and make it a success.

The YSTN is not just an important tool for the people already involved in the YST, but it is a step to reach out and gain momentun and I believe it offers a chance for a lot of emergence in logic and set theory inside and outside of Europe.

As I see it, it is also a big step forward for the whole project. My only criticism so far was that the activity till now was too narrow and too “old school”. Don’t get me wrong, from what I have heard the meetings were very good and really did focus on the younger generation. But they were just that, once a year meetings. That’s a limitation on communication of the past. With the internet and its countless possibilites to connect we could have virtual meetings whenever and wherever we want.

Meetings are important (especially when they are as good as the YSTs) but we need to be more flexible in ways to “congregate” — in the pure sciences in general and especially in set theory, a subject where positions get fewer and fewer and workgroups get smaller and smaller.

This is why the network is an important step forward, let’s fill it with life!