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Good news, bad news

Just so that not another week ends without me writing a post. The bad news is that my departure for Michigan gets closer and the technicalities take up more and more time. Therefore I’m not sure I’ll have much time to post in the next couple of weeks. Additionally, I’ll be attending a winter school in Hejnice in the first week of February so I also need to prepare finish preparing my talk.

So what’s the good news? Well, I have been busy on the blog but nothing has come of it yet. On the one hand I have been studying the Google App Engine so as to move the blog there — which should make the work flow much more efficient (and the code better). On the other hand that there are three blog posts I have not finished — so there’s a chance the dry spell will be over sooner than I think. Finally, I hope to write posts during the winter school reflecting on the (possibly daily) experience.

Well, let me at least throw in some nice links worth a read. Gil Kallai turned a mathoverflow question into the kind of blog posts I really like . Over at the n-Category Cafe David Corfield explains muses over the “sacred” and the “profane” in mathematics (or rather for mathematicians) which made me ponder what my own “bottom line” is.